Importing from the USA to Southern Africa


Doing all the Documents

We handle all the of the process, Starting in the USA finding what you want, purchase, transport, packing, shipping, cutsoms, duties unpacking and delivery to SA

Southern Africa

We have based in the USA and South Africa. North Carolina, Cornelius and Kwazulu Natal, Durban. We can deliver many in South Africa but have customers in Southern Africa



Please feel free to contact us about any thing you see on the site. We specialise in Import Cars, Boats and Caravans from the USA. Also selling locally in South Africa



We can source what you need locally and iternationally.
If you have something that you need shipped let us know. We normally charge a handling fee

Importing from the USA to South Africa
On average we ship 5 containers per year from the USA to South Africa. We can ship with a 20ft, 40ft containers or RORO.
We are a Father son tag team.
Barry Stevens the is based close to charlotte, North Carolina in the USA and Rowan Stevens is based in Durban, Kwazulu Natal.

What do you need?
Let us help you source or ship it.

We have been importing, exporting and shipping for over 25 years various things but mianly, cars, boats and caravans.

What can be imported or shipped?

We work with Cars, Boats and Caravans. We have helped people returning back to SA from the USA shipall their belongings back. Let us know your requirements and lets see how we can help.

Regarding Cars
It can be left hand drive but then it must be must be a classic car. South African regulations say it must be old than 40 years and be a verified true vintage / classic car.
No new left hand drive cars.

Picture of a container being offloaded by the side loader here in durbs

Drop Me a Line

Feel free to contact us abuot any of the process